Illulian, the Italian company known on an international level for its most refined production of handmade luxury rugs, made to measure using the finest silks and fibers, which show a fantastic universe full of colors, forms and creativity at the Sands Members Club, an exclusive location in the heart of Qatari capital, during a flash event.

Special guest, promoter and organiser of the exhibition is Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Thani,  who personally chose each piece, that will be admired by a selected
audience from the 2nd till the 4th of December.

Through new and iconic pieces from the LIMITED EDITION and DESIGN COLLECTION, Illulian confirms and transmits an authentic passion for quality and design that has made the brand a protagonist of increasingly prestigious projects over the years, collaborating with leading names in architecture, fashion and design.

Exclusive character, fine craftsmanship and fresh imagery of the creations are the cornerstones of Illulian’s philosophy, in which every carpet is seen as a décor complement of precious value, an original work of art of a unique and lasting beauty.

All Illulian rugs are knotted and carded by hand and can be made with two different qualities, Platinum 120 and Gold 100. They boast a captivating chromatic appeal thanks to the use of bright colours derived from plants.

Illulian’s top-quality products can also be made to measure. The company’s custom-made service is the result of its desire to satisfy the most discerning customers’ every requirement and customization: colours, designs, sizes and shapes, especially designed to create unique, exclusive pieces.

These prestigious models can be used for residential spaces and for contract projects, such as museums, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and sailing solutions.

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Written by giovanni47