we receive and eagerly publish the press release issued by Sanjay Basu Chairman of Far Horizon Tours Pvt. Ltd.

“Representing “Far Horizons of India’s“ passion for “Experiencing the Rich Living Cultures and Diverse Natural History through India’s Grand Natural Heritage”, I was selected as part of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine US’s: Top Travel Specialist Worldwide List 2021! Read more

This is a great honour and recognition of our efforts to create unique luxury tours, adventures, safaris, eco lodges and river cruises showcasing the cultural and natural resources of this ancient and possibly, one of the most diverse lands!

India is a land whose history goes way back to possibly touch even the times of the last Ice Age, making it possibly the only surviving pre Bronze Age era civilisation. With 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, over 4,000 monuments, the monumental India is truly Grand.

It’s Natural Heritage has been rated as the 6th Greatest in a tied position with Brazil. With 70% of the Himalayas offering the largest number of 7,000, 6,000 and 5,000 meter mountains with one 8,000 meter Mount Kanchenjunga, it is the custodian of the third pole on Earth.

With three types of deserts from the Golden Thar Desert, the Silver Rann of Kutch and the high altitude deserts of Ladakh, Zanskar and Spiti, makes it the only country to offer this combinations of sands.

With Equatorial, Tropical and Alpine Forests, its flora is one of the most diverse the world can see anywhere.

With seven navigable rivers among its 105 smaller and white water rivers, it offers amazing range of river activities.

With a 7,500 kms long coastline, two sets of coral islands including the largest in the world – The Andaman Islands where there is a functional volcano called Barren Island, it has it all!

With five Big Cats, the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic Lion, Sotted Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, it is the Greatest Cat Country of the world! With the sixth returning back after a gap of 70 years, the Cheetah by end of the year, India with fifteen species of smaller cats will be unmatched.

With Asian Elephants, Single Horned Rhinos, Wild Buffaloes, the Gaur (Bison), Sloth Bears, Brown and Black Bears, Barasingha and Spotted and Hog and Swamp and Sambar Deers, Nilgai and Blackbuck and Chinkara Antelopes, it is a great wildlife of mammals. Not to mention a wide range of reptiles and amphibians too.

1272 species of birds making it 60% of the bird life of Africa with just 10% of the land mass, India’s wilderness is unparalleled and the greatest outside the continent of Africa!

We give below a set of experiences specially created by Far Horizons of India to showcase these diverse attractions of this sub-continental sized country with a diversity that is continental is scale!

Sanjay Basu
Chairman – Far Horizon Tours Pvt. Ltd.”

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