The unmistakable design of Lanerossi products took center stage at Milan Design Week. For the occasion, the company participated in Maison Milano exhibition, conceived by the design magazine Marie Claire Maison Italy, an exclusive setting in the heart of Milan’s Porta Romana district.

Lanerossi plaids, bedspreads, towels and bedsets dressed an elegant apartment reinterpreted in a radical way through the set up designed by Andrea Steidl and Raquel Pacchini – àr.o studio – to create a continuous cross-reference between inside and outside, generating a total immersive experience.

An iconic company in the history of Italian interior and textile design, Lanerossi completed the various rooms of this charming townhouse with its textile proposals.

The freshness of MYKONOS linen sheets entered the bedroom giving it a touch of great refinement. A noble material par excellence and among the oldest fibers in the world, linen is suitable for any season and helps maintain and regulate body temperature making sleep deeper and more restful.

The ROSSI COT bedspread further dressed the bed with its super soft hand and crinkled look. Made of 100 percent cotton, it features great lightness and exceptional breathability.

At the bottom of the bed is the iconic TRIENNAL plaid pattern.

The garden chose the vibrancy of the TRIENNALE 2 plaid, which, together with the TRIENNALE, is part of the “Memory is my home” line of archival editions, a project born out of a desire to recount Lanerossi’s cultural and artistic intent through the rediscovery of iconic items presented throughout the company’s history.

Made of 100 percent extra-fine merino wool, a high-quality natural fiber, the two products reinterpret patterns from 1933 and 1936 that were presented at the 5th and 6th Triennale held at the Palazzo dell’Arte in Milan.

In the bathroom, the 100% cotton PANTELLERIA towels were presented, sporting a contrasting thread on the edge, playing with bright pastel shades, along with the AGAVE bathrobe made of organic cotton, an incredibly soft and delicate material that, in contact with the skin, gives a pleasant sensation of well-being.
A new project that tells, once again, the ability of Lanerossi to offer itself as a true textile partner to dress every room of the house.

Written by giovanni47