Antolini announces its participation at Marmomac 2022.

The historic Verona-based company, internationally renowned for the selection, crafting and distribution of the most exclusive and vast range of naturalmaterials, will be on hand for the world’s most important fair on the universe of marble and natural stone, with a stand subdivided into two main areas–Outdoorand Indoor–for a totalof 600 sqm of pure wonder.

Sector professionals –stonemasons, architectsand interior designers–are welcomed by a black, mysterious, rigorous cube, whose design leaves nothing to change.

The objective is to communicate the expertise of Antolini in the selection, shaping and perfecting of stone,thanks to an innovative visionand processes of workmanship that are always in the avant-garde, relying on the extraordinary creativity of Mother Nature.

Sixteen king-size monograms made with the most famous and coveted Antolini stones, placed on theatrical platforms, become the mannequins of a high-fashion showcase in which Antolinisums up and narrates its most exclusive materials: Explosion Blue, Noirblanc, Patagonia Glacé, Amazonite and the very new Brèche Fantastique.

The first impression is spectacular and harmonious, like the view of a wall of rock in the midst of forests and blue skies.A balanced grouping capable of emphasizing the individual beauty of the collections Antolini has selected for the audience at Marmomac,providing visitors with an overview of the many varieties and possibilities of use of marbles, crystals, quartzites.

The Outdoorarea displays the original state of the material, through a selection of blocks of natural stone.

TheIndoorarea reveals the semi-finished products, with a range of slabs, coverings and furnishings.

The Exclusive Collection, or the series that offers the most unique and exclusive materials of the entire Antoliniselection of natural stones, is displayed in backlit tableaux capable of astonishing and enchanting, thanks to the play of colors that can be generated only by light passing through the density of the material.

Finally, theletherandmattfinishes, with their exceptional allure, make the stones silky to the touch and the gaze.

The Antolinistand at Marmomac 2022represents another irresistible invitation to discover the infinite charm of naturalstone in all its interpretations and applications, narrated through the only possible language: the universaland naturallanguage of the senses, with which Antolini conveys the essence of its excellence to the world

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