EMMA is the new collection of Contardi Lighting lamps
Light and matter, shape and technology in a timeless dialogue.
Contardi Lighting, an Italian brand long renowned for its consolidated international experience in developing custom solutions for the most exclusive hospitality projects, welcomes the EMMA lamp into its catalogue.
Material dialogue and rounded geometries are the dominant features of EMMA, a collection of lamps available in table, wall and ceiling versions.

This family of elegant and refined luminous objects will fit with grace and personality into any interior design environment, from residential to retail and hospitality.

The lamp frame, with a circular section, is made of marble – a natural material with a timeless charm – in Guatemala green and Calacatta white colours, which convey different visual perceptions.

The first is characterised by intense dark-green shades, while the second features the candour of a white surface crossed by precious golden veins.

A simple opal sphere softly diffuses the light in a uniform and delicate way, integrating Contardi’s technical know-how into a decorative, functional object with a minimalist design.

The white light emanates from the lighting fixture with surprising softness, dialectically enhancing the lighting fixture’s dialogue with the natural stone, typical of the structure.

With the EMMA family, Contardi applies its sartorial approach in creating lighting solutions for large projects in the luxury hospitality sector, which bear the signatures of some of the world’s most prestigious architectural studios.

Here it expands its offer of products designed for the residential sector, and for a growing consumer clientele.

The selection of materials, the finishes used, and the perfectly calibrated modulation of the light, make EMMA a stylish and sophisticated product that combines elegance, decorative flair and functionality.

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Written by giovanni47