Natural stones by Antolini have been selected for the surfaces of S/Y Seven, the third creation in the series of 60-meter yachts by Perini Navi, a worldwide leader in the design and production of large modern sailing vessels for over 35 years.

The choice has been made by the architect Dante Benini – Dante O. Benini & Partners Architects – who has done the interior design of the splendid yacht, relying on exclusive materials and furnishings.

This achievement confirms the beauty, high quality and versatility of use of the natural stones which Antolini seeks, finds and selects all over the world, with characteristics that are now being recognized and utilized in the nautical sector. The project is a sailing yacht with a length of 197 feet, with elegant finishes and an aesthetic language based on pure, modern lines.
The fertile collaboration with Perini Navi has made it possible to transform the S/Y Seven yacht into a recognizable image, not only in terms of aesthetics and design, but above all for its inner spirit, discreet and seductive.

For this boat, the selection of the materials and attention to detail have played a decisive role in the formulation of a unique, elegant and timeless product, which I hope will be able to represent what we admire today in the great sailing ships of the past, even 50 years from now.

The presence of Antolini marble, skillfully crafted and installed, juxtaposed with wood, leather and cowhide, has the power – also in tactile terms – to convey the passion of all the players involved in the making of a yacht capable of elevating the human spirit, both for those who live on the boat and those who observe it.”

– Dante Benini, architect

The protagonist of the precious details is the White Onyx of the Natural Stone Collection by Antolini, a material with a crystalline structure that makes it an ideal facing with which to create elegant, gleaming spaces. Applied for cladding, internal flooring and décor complements, it is ideal for nautical furnishings, also due to its strength and intrinsic luminosity.

The designer has utilized Antolini White Onyx for the facings of walls and floors in the bathrooms, while applying it in sophisticated details that enhance and brighten specific corners of the interiors: the base of the faucets, the borders of seats, the definition of the perimeter of the wooden flooring.

Inserted along several walls, with think backlit strips, the Antolini White Onyx creates vertical lighting points that become charismatic luminous features. Some of the furnishings, like those in the bar zone, stand out for the insertion of White Onyx in the Lux finish, for artful lighting in areas of particular interest, triggering a very refined optical aura.

The choice of this stone reflects its innate capacity to spread soft, vibrant light, due to its light and delicate veins, which with backlighting give the entire project an atmosphere of sophisticated, natural and eternal elegance.

The collaboration between Antolini and Perini Navi, with the original style of Dante Benini, stems from shared visions and values, including know-how, a focus on design details and technological research, confirming the ability of the Verona-based brand to address novel market segments in which Antolini stones can add nobility to the contexts in which they are inserted.

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