When it comes to high-performance heating, technology makes a significant difference in defining an energy-efficient product.

A requirement that is fully reflected by Edilkamin&Co., the leading Italian brand in the production of biomass heating systems.

Edilkamin&Co. products are engineered from the very first stages of the drafting process to be connected and smart, thanks to cutting-edge technological components and innovative functions, combined with a contemporary design and a sustainable power supply.

Yung130++, pellet airtight stove by EK63
The stoves by Edilkamin and EK63, both Edilkamin&Co. brands, work with pellets, a renewable energy source characterized by an efficiency of about 90%, wide economic affordability and a reduced impact on the carbon footprint, as it is made from the scraps of wood already in use. These features make pellets one of the greenest and most environmental-friendly heating fuels available on the market, as well as an extremely strategic resource in the energy transition currently underway.
The AIRTIGHT STOVES by EK63 run on pellets and are addressed to a young and dynamic market, thanks to a brand-new set of functions making their use intuitive and customizable. Compact in size and distinctive in design, they represent the ideal solution for passive houses, where the thermic insulation between indoor and outdoor spaces is essential. Indeed, the oxygen used for combustion is taken only from the outside: in this way, the air in the house is kept clean and healthy, while the heat is not dissipated. Each stove is integrated into the home Wi-Fi through the innovative E-Smart electronics, so that the user can program its functioning on a daily or weekly basis through a practical app, optimizing energy consumption.
Metro110+, pellet airtight stove by EK63
Edilkamin‘s CHERIE EVO line of pellet stoves best summarizes the 60-year research and expertise of the Milan-based brand in biomass heating.

The range, hallmarked by its elegant and distinctive hourglass shape and suitable for self-heating residential environments, includes both ducted air stoves and thermo-stoves, providing radiators and radiant panels all throughout the house with hot water.

Thanks to The Mind function, Cherie Evo stoves can be fully controlled remotely, according to each user’s needs and preferences.

Through the combined ionizer and ozonator action, the airKare System helps improve home air quality by reducing the presence of dust, bacteria and viruses. Fire Control and Sistema Leonardo optimize pellet combustion according to the environmental conditions.

Cherie 11 Evo, pellet stove by Edilkamin
Edilkamin&Co. represents a continuous evolution in the design, development and production of biomass products for domestic heating.

Chosen by countless European consumers, its stoves embody the same core values that lead the brand’s history since 1963: heating homes with biomass, using cutting-edge technology safely and with respect for the environment, creating cosy, welcoming homes with fires, and generating emotions.

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