Ph. by Federico Cedrone
Giorgetti presents a new chapter in the “Places to live” campaign, showcasing once again its ability to offer complete spaces to live in, where people can enjoy and connect with the furniture in an intimate and profound way and rediscover the pleasure of living.

Once again, the company decides to showcase the spirit of its collections in a location rich in history that arouses curiosity and awe, offering a different perspective on the world of Giorgetti: the Valle delle Accademie in the heart of Rome.

An important cultural hub housing nine academic foundations from EU and non-EU countries, the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, the University Department of Architecture, the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia and Villa Borghese. A truly unique location where the landscape blends together with art and architecture; it was designed by architect Cesare Bazzani in the early 1900s to host the 1911 Universal Exhibition area, with pavilions for the participating Italian regions and foreign countries, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

In this prestigious place where different cultures meet and speak of the cosmopolitan vocation of the Capital city of Italy, Giorgetti with the Art Director Giancarlo Bosio selected three different buildings that will serve as the breath-taking backdrop for abroad photography and communication project, shot by photographer Federico Cedrone. A visual narrative that, apart from being featured in the ADVcampaign, will also grace the pages of GM magazine – now at its third edition – and that will be presented online on the brand’s website and social media channels as well as at an exhibition that will be set up in the new store in via della Spiga31 in Milan during the Design Week.

Illustrious centres for the dissemination of the arts, language and literature of their countries of origin, three academies and their architecture dialogue with the new creations from the 2023 collection.

The Academia Belgica, with its rationalist-style building designed and built by engineer Gino Cipriani together with Belgian architect Jean Hendrickx-Van den Bosch, opened its doors in 1939 in the presence of Prince Umberto di Savoia and Belgian Prince Maria José, both supporters of the institution that was created for Belgian artists and art historians who wished to spend sometime in Italy; the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, which opened in 1933 and is recognizable for its classic renaissance-style building whose façade is inspired by Villa Giulia, which was designed by Architect Cipriani in collaboration with Dutch architect Jan Stuyt; lastly, the more recent Danish Academy designed by functionalist Danish architect Kay Fiskerwith asober clay brick façade, which opened in 1967.

The minimalist architecture of the Danish Academy, typical of Northern European functionalism of the 1900s, is instead the chosen location for the shot of the 2023 ADV campaign. The space welcomes and enhances the items, with an interplay of light and shadow that lends a unique intensity to the image.

The star of this photo is the modular sofa Soho by Carlo Colombo, which stands out with the purity and softness of its shapes, its rigorous volumes and contemporary lines. An extraordinarily comfortable item characterised by an essential, light and airy design, whose strength lies in an extreme attention to detail, great flexibility and endless customisation options, thanks to themany modules available.

To accompany Soho, come the Fit low tables, featuring a combination of regular glass, marble, wood and leather elements and a selection of new products from the 2023 collection.

The campaign will make its debut at the end of March on some the most prestigious and illustrious design and lifestyle magazines at the international level, which have been selected to communicate with an audience that is sensitive to the values of quality advocated by Giorgetti

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Written by giovanni47