Izotropic Corporation (“Izotropic” or the “Company”) (CSE: IZO) (OTCQB: IZOZF) (FSE: 1R3), a Company commercializing a dedicated breast CT (computed tomography) imaging platform, IzoView, for the more accurate detection and diagnosis of breast cancers provides updates on the following:

IzoView radiation imaging subsystem assembly, functionality, and installation features

Formal radiation safety certification

Initial phantom image acquisition and image reconstruction software

Izotropic is pleased to announce that its engineering teams have successfully built and assembled IzoView’s radiation imaging subsystem, and it has been formally certified as safe to operate. This milestone enables the subsystem, which is now taking static images, to be characterized and optimized for 360-degree image acquisition.

Radiation Imaging Subsystem: Safety and minimized installation costs

IzoView’s radiation imaging subsystem has been powered on, tested, and emits less radiation into the surrounding area than diagnostic mammography. A formal radiation safety certification was awarded upon completion of radiation safety testing that was conducted by the governing health authority.

Radiation safety testing is completed by measuring the amount of radiation output into the surrounding area or imaging suite during a single scan. Radiation-based imaging devices typically require a radiation-safe leaded room or a leaded divider for the technician to stand behind during the scan.

Certain levels of radiation leakage that result from radiation-based imaging devices into the imaging suite are allowable under standard safety requirements, but measures must be taken to protect patients and staff with increased installation and set up costs to the customer. IzoView has been designed with specific features to minimize customer installation and shielding costs while providing enhanced patient and technician safety.

IzoView’s Initial Images

The radiation imaging subsystem is now acquiring and producing preliminary images. Images have been taken using different types of phantoms which are stand-in objects in place of human tissue. Phantoms have been used to calibrate the imaging system in relation to the detector and the geometry of the imaging system for the 3D reconstruction software.

With this milestone achieved, engineering teams can now begin optimizing and calibrating the imaging subsystem to acquire images in 360 degrees- the key differentiator for IzoView’s true 3D images versus 2D mammography or tomosynthesis images.

The preliminary image data being produced will support the advancement of the new image reconstruction software that utilizes deep machine learning algorithms currently in development in partnership with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Phantom image acquisition, which was initially projected to begin in Q1 2022, has begun ahead of schedule.

Messages from CEO and EVP of Product Engineering

“This next stage is really about fine-tuning key variables in our hardware and software upgrades as they work together to create the high-resolution 3D images our Breast CT system offers,” said Dr. Younes Achkire, Executive Vice President of Product Engineering. “We’re doing this so when we ramp up to production for our clinical study units, our images and device operation will be 100% consistent.”

CEO, Dr. John McGraw, stated: “Even with ongoing global supply chain issues, we have our key components: generator, power unit, detector, and computer, and we can power it all on and produce images. I’m very proud of what we’re continuing to accomplish at Izotropic.”

Dr. John McGraw, CEO

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About Izotropic Corporation

Izotropic Corporation is the only publicly traded company commercializing a dedicated breast CT imaging platform, IzoView, for the more accurate detection and diagnosis of breast cancers.

To expedite patient and provider access to IzoView, Izotropic’s initial clinical study intends to demonstrate superior performance of diagnostic breast CT imaging over diagnostic mammography procedures and will initiate in Q2 2022.

In follow-on clinical studies, Izotropic intends to validate platform applications including breast screening in radiology, treatment planning and monitoring in surgical oncology, and breast reconstruction and implant monitoring in plastic and reconstructive surgery.



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