Evocative, powerful, lively, and vibrant. Antolini natural stones continue to elevate living spaces such as the bathroom. Turning this essential space into a true scenario that becomes an intense aesthetic experience for everyday immersion and enjoyment.
The concept of beauty in the Antolini bath environment is expressed through the natural materials that cover the vertical surfaces of walls and the horizontal surfaces of tops. Enhancing the cladding of showers and partitions while taking on the form of bathtubs and washstands. The inner beauty generated by personal care that marks the beginning and end of every waking day.

Coming in contact with Antolini stone surfaces in the bathroom triggers visual and tactile vibrations that stimulate vivid sensorial and emotional experiences.

Antolini natural stones are the result of constant technological research that have enabled the Verona-based brand to develop innovative processes that make surfaces hygienic and antibacterial. Azerobactplus technology, which prevents the formation and spread of bacteria, and Azerocare and Azerocareplus processes which preserve the beauty of marbles, onyxes and soft quartzites in polished and matt finishes, protecting them from stains and corrosion caused by contact with acidic substances.

Creating a dimension that is concrete and ethereal at the same time, where the various hues, the infinite variety of shadings, the sinuous veins, unique patterns and sharp contrasts have a central role in the definition of style, granting unique character to any bathroom or salle de bain.

Lighting becomes a narrative element of beauty in the bathroom. Antolini natural stones become silent accomplices of both natural and artificial light, amplifying the magnificent effects. The light that crosses the density of the stone generates exceptional visual charisma. Capturing an aesthetic emotion that continues infinitely, day after day.

The brand from Verona proves that even the most intimate space of the home can be transformed into an innovative vision of contemporary, sophisticated, and unpredictable luxury. In bathrooms, Antolini stones have a remarkable decorative and functional role, expressing the concept of synergy between physical and mental wellbeing, which Mother Nature never ceases to teach us.

Written by giovanni47